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Stephen Ikechukwu🇳🇬 Stephen Ikechukwu🇳🇬
@DoubleEph is this 👇 Why @PaulBiya of Cameroon wanted to foist the Oldest Former VP, who's a Cameroonian, on Nigerians as President in #NigeriaDecides2019? Now I get the plot.
Taiwo_Ajakaye Taiwo_Ajakaye
@DokunOjomo Let me refresh your memory again, #NigeriaDecides2019 held on 23 February 2019 across 774 LGAs in Nigeria. More than 70 political parties participated and their results collated. The only body with constituted power to announce the result is still @inecnigeria & HAD DONE THAT!
Everyting Portharcourt Everyting Portharcourt
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Chidi Odinkalu Chidi Odinkalu
Isn't this guy the @inecnigeria REC that was going to be sent to supervise the governorship election in Akwa Ibom in #NigeriaDecides2019 if the arm twisting had succeeded for last minute reshuffle of RECs in the #NigerDelta states?
Abdulkadir Olatunji Abdulkadir Olatunji
To all those who think @akaebube @TheMbuhari will be gone after the #NigeriaDecides2019 elections. They don’t really know what is going on
YM Ahmad, M.Sc YM Ahmad, M.Sc
@Lollylarry1 @atiku @MBuhari @inecnigeria @DeleMomodu @DeleMomodu asks Atiku to call Buhari and concede the election
Taiwo_Ajakaye Taiwo_Ajakaye
@MoghaluKingsley As far as #TheEliteClub is concerned, YOU ARE VERY STUPID to make a choice contrary to THEIR OWN CHOICE. That's what @MoghaluKingsley said before #NigeriaDecides2019 & that's what @YeleSowore @obyezeks @AmnestyNigeria & the likes are telling you with #RevolutionNow. #Arrogance
Taiwo_Ajakaye Taiwo_Ajakaye
If Nigerians want change in Govt, they would have done that 4 months ago.. The decision to CHANGE GOVERNMENT was tested when we had #NigeriaDecides2019 @YeleSowore @obyezeks @atiku etc were involved. 15,191,847 ELIGIBLE Nigerians returned Buhari as their President. #RespectThat
Taiwo_Ajakaye Taiwo_Ajakaye
Yele Sowore was one of the Presidential aspirants in #NigeriaDecides2019 who lost out and that's no big deal. Just a few weeks ago, he posted a video of his meeting with Nnamdi Kanu & their secret meeting. He was also specific about #RevolutionNow as part of their meeting. WHY?
EiE Nigeria EiE Nigeria
ICYMI: @SituationRoomNg Report of Nigeria’s 2019 General Elections: Conclusion & Recommendation 👉
Taiwo_Ajakaye Taiwo_Ajakaye
@AmnestyNigeria @livingtruely This conspiracy is multi dimensional and it became very obvious before #NigeriaDecides2019 when "Election Observers" in alliance with international conspirators were doing everything to topple this Govt. by usurping the authority of @inecnigeria . @ClementNwankwo of PDP led this!
Chidi Odinkalu Chidi Odinkalu
Notice the sudden spike in #FuelSubsidy payments immediately b4 #NigeriaDecides2019. It's #SubsidyWithIntegrity.
#FreeLeahSharibu #FreeLeahSharibu
#HappeningNow: Dr. Jonathan Fisher of @unibirmingham & I on @NigeriaInfoAbj with @BIkimberly & @iamdannysucre. We are interrogating a research finding on the role of @WhatsApp in #NigeriaDecides2019. Join the conversation on Nigeria Info 95.1 FM. @CDDWestAfrica #stopfakenews
#NigeriaDecides2019: Nigeria Civil Society @SituationRoomNg Was Not Objective - @inecnigeria
EiE Nigeria EiE Nigeria
.@inecnigeria press statement on @SituationRoomNg final report on #NigeriaDecides2019.
NDLink NDLink
RESEARCH: The Role of #Whatsapp in Nigeria’s 2019 Elections | @unibirmingham Read here:
EiE Nigeria EiE Nigeria
#NigeriaDecides2019 -There were differences between the number of accredited voters & the total number of votes cast in many PUs. - INEC operations fell short of its identified role. Download @SituationRoomNg final report 👉
Reclaim Naija Reclaim Naija
Media Launch of @SituationRoomNg 2019 Nigeria General Election Report #NigeriaDecides2019
Situation Room Situation Room
Final Report of @SituationRoomNg on #NigeriaDecides2019 Download here 👉
Final Report of Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room #MediaBriefing #ElectionReport on #NigeriaDecides2019. Download here 👉(link: